I just cannot recommend Marcus highly enough.  He guided us through a very difficult sale of our house in Los Angeles and, also, the purchase of our home in Palm Springs.  I have bought and sold a number of properties in my life, and Marcus is the most knowledgeable and most professional real estate broker I have worked with - bar none. There is a reason that he has so many repeat clients.  He is simply the best.
Susie Kater


5 Stars for Marcus Micelli.  As a new resident to Palm Springs from NYC, Marcus was an asset in his knowledge of the area and specific neighborhoods/communities.  He quickly focused on my priorities and was able to identify many appropriate choices, including hidden listings.  When I found my condo he steered me expertly thru the bidding and approval processes, inspections, documents etc.  Initiate Realty also had a mortgage resource where I conveniently obtained my financing.  Buying a home from a distance could have been frightening BUT MARCUS MADE IT EASY.
Steve Sanders


I’ve known Marcus for over 10 years. He’s represented me as both a buyer and a seller. Each transaction has had it’s share of difficulties.

My first experience was with the sale of a home in Venice. After several times falling out of escrow, we finally found a serious buyer. But the transaction was beyond difficult. Being the daughter of a very well known rock musician the buyer thought she had a free pass to act dishonorably. The agents representing her were equally unethical. Marcus, on the other hand, handled them with incredible integrity, even camping out in her agent’s office for hours waiting for her to sign the escrow papers which she was refusing to do.

My second experience was with the sale of a custom home that my late husband and I had built. After my husband’s passing I was forced to sell. It was a very emotional experience. But Marcus handled the transaction with tremendous skill and some much appreciated humor.

The third and probably easiest transaction was the purchase of undeveloped land. Marcus held off the seller for several months while I made the required investigations to determine if the land could be built on.

Marcus is now representing our family trust in the sale of my mother’s home. He hasn’t hesitated to make the two hour drive to the home whenever necessary.

I can’t say enough about the professionalism, integrity, humility and grace that Marcus possesses. He goes the extra mile to do whatever is required to close the deal. In a profession that is frequently lacking, Marcus rises above the rest.

Linnea Mielcarek


Marcus is amazing - he worked tirelessly to find properties for me to look at that met my criteria and listened to all my concerns and rather quickly I found the exact house I wanted with all the design elements I loved. His negotiating skills were great and I closed quickly with no hassle. I would recommend Marcus to anyone looking to buy or sell.

Audrey Joseph


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